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Halloween 5th Night Special - Gries and Mathilda by ChazFullmetal
Halloween 5th Night Special - Gries and Mathilda
The fifth and final one this week! Happy Halloween everyone! >3<

This one is less serious and more silly - A Zombie Nurse and a Goblin Doctor. The Nurse is called Mathilda, and the Doctor is called Gries. Both are side-character OC's I created for the group:

Which seems fitting. Sadly, the group's future is in question. I won't go into detail, but if it comes to that, this final piece commemorates its passing. I had a lot of fun with the group, and whilst I hope that I continue to do so, I will also be sad to see it go, if it does.
Halloween 4th Night Special - Witch by ChazFullmetal
Halloween 4th Night Special - Witch
No story for this one, just felt like drawing a witch.

As it turned out, it took me about three hours to finish.

The f*ck am I doing spending three hours on this, and one hour on the Scarecrow? I got blisters on my fingers from sketching this woman.

Egh, whatever. Last Halloween drawing tomorrow! This one's kinda late. As in, very late. Sorry about that :/
Halloween 3rd Night Special - Scarecrow by ChazFullmetal
Halloween 3rd Night Special - Scarecrow
So a while ago I came up with this idea for a take on the Wizard of Oz, and drew up four designs for Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man, and the Lion, along with a story and character context to match.

Scarecrow, in this version, is an important figure in all of Oz who has forgotten who he used to be. In this version of Oz, in addition to the Great Wizard of Oz, Glinda (or Glenda, I forget) and the Witches of the East and West, there are also the Wizards of the North and South. The Great Wizard, Ozymandias (which I thought would be a fitting name) gave four items of a magical red suit of clothes that would allow the wearer to control all magic in Oz - The Red Boots, the Red Hat, the Red Gloves, the Red Coat, and the fifth piece, the Ruby Amulet, which Ozymandias kept for himself. In addition, he divided up the world of Oz between his four apprentices, giving them dominion over their lands, so that no one Witch or Wizard could dominate all of Oz.

The Witch of the East became a tyrant amongst her people, and revelled in the chaos, seeing her subjects as toys, since her mastery of Regeneration magic allowed her to simply revive anyone who died as a result, and continue being a pawn. The Wizard of the South built Clockwork Soldiers with his mastery of Alteration magic to help him govern his kingdom, and was hailed as the kindest of the rulers. Tin Man was one of these Soldiers. The Wizard of the North confined himself to his icy castle in the mountains, where he entertained himself with tricks and pranks thanks to his mastery of Illusion magic, and left his subjects to get on with their lives as they had done before. The Witch of the West however, became greedy, and lusted for yet more power. With her mastery of Destruction magic and her alchemical craft, she engineered an army of flying monkeys from her subjects, and waged war with the Wizard of the South, eventually killing him and ultimately winning the War, taking his Red Gloves, in addition to her Red Coat.

The Wizard of the North had anticipated this however, and had conspired with Ozymandias to perform the greatest disappearing act he had ever performed. The Wizard of the North, along with his Red Hat, seemingly vanished from Oz. For decades, no-one ever found a trace of him. Not even Ozymandias knew of his eventual fate. However, without the Red Hat, the Witch of the West could not hope to obtain the ultimate power, even if Ozymandias were to fall to her.

This is when Dorothy crashes her house on top of the Witch of the East during a public execution, crushing her to death and freeing her subjects from her tyrannical rule. As a reward, Dorothy gets the Red Boots, which retain a measure of the Witch's power, and the advice to go and see Ozymandias about what to do. The Witch of the West ignores Dorothy, since she's just a little girl, and instead sees her opportunity. With the Wizard of the North gone and the Witch of the East dead, no-one was left to oppose her but Ozymandias. She would claim the boots from Dorothy and take Ozymandias' Ruby Amulet in one go, in a great siege of the Emerald City.

Along her journey, Dorothy meets the Scarecrow, who hangs forlornly in a field. She notices that his hat is rather large, and is coloured a brown, rusty shade. The Scarecrow greets her heartily, and decides to accompany Dorothy on her journey to see Ozymandias, hoping to recover his memories of who he was before. What he means by that, not even he knows.

So, who is the Scarecrow?
Halloween 2nd Night Special - Slayer by ChazFullmetal
Halloween 2nd Night Special - Slayer
Stalker's received a redesign, and a name change. He's now called Slayer, which is just easier to say.

Slayer is a cyborg, though the only part of him that is human anymore is the brain inside the machine's head. All of his remaining physical body was completely destroyed and repossessed by the Shadow that was inserted into him through distorted medical science. Slayer was originally a clone, named KI-02M, or Kyle, to his friends. He was one of two test subjects in the early research programs of creating Super-Soldiers, using the raw energy that comprised Shadows to create killing machines that could be controlled. The other subject, KI-02F, Kathy, did not survive the program. Kyle and Kathy were the second pair of test subjects to mature in their cloning tanks, and were the last to go through the procedure, since Slayer destroyed all of the remaining clones, bar one, in a massacre that decimated the staff of the Supernatural Suppression Agency's Science Branch, and a majority of the Military Branch's personnel, resulting in a power shift between the two branches that saw the Super-Soldier program shut down.

The previous two subjects, KI-01M/F (Male/Female), remain unnamed. They never received nicknames, since a part of the original procedure called for absolutely no interaction between the subjects and the staff. KI-01M was also the sole survivor of his procedure, similar to Slayer. However, 'Ragdoll', as he came to be known, did not kill his fellow subject as Slayer did. Ragdoll's counterpart did not survive the initial procedure. In Ragdoll's procedure, the Shadow was injected into each of them. In the Male's case, rapid bodily disintegration was observed, and only halted by quickly placing the subject in stasis. Ragdoll's body was them reconstructed artificially, by removing his flesh piece by piece and refining it into Human leather, then sewing it back on with high-density steel wire. The Shadow could not destroy the strengthened flesh as easily, and so integrated with it instead. Ultimate however, the Shadow consumed the subject, and no remnant of Humanity could be salvaged. They placed a computer system in its head, that would control the body's chemical stimulants to compel the Shadow to follow basic orders, which only worked because the Shadow was occupying a physical body, rather than a solid mass of energy as it normally did, but that was all they could do. Ragdoll still periodically goes on rampages, each time coinciding with the date of the final surgery that killed him.

Slayer on the other hand, had the 'advantage' of Ragdoll's results and research. During the procedure, Kyle showed astonishing resistance to the Shadow, which the Scientists concluded was due to changes in environment compared to Ragdoll. Kyle and Kathy were given names, fictitious previous lives, interacted with the Scientists and eachother, as well as a lot of the Military staff, forming friendships, relationships, and notably, falling in love with eachother. They were both together in the same operating room when the procedure began, but Kyle was quickly carted off to another room when his resistance showed, so that they could replace his body with a pre-prepared machine body, that was more controllable compared to the basic computer in Ragdoll. Much of Kyle was preserved inside the machine, but he would later lose his original body parts as the Shadow became the dominant personality, save for what remained of his head, which was encased inside the mechanical skull.

Kathy on the other hand went through the same process as her predecessor. Unlike the male subjects, the female subjects did not disintegrate, instead, the Shadow consumed them from inside and inhabited their body, obliterating the subject's minds and taking over. The scientists effectively trapped the Shadow in Kathy's body, then activated a more advanced stimulant-control system that could be used for more complicated commands than Ragdoll's, creating a perfect, controllable Shadow, and the first Super Soldier prototype. Kathy's predecessor died of shock before the Shadow could consume her, and so her body was broken and unable to be controlled, but Kathy did not die of shock, and the operation was a success. The thing is, Kathy did, in fact, die, just not physically. Kathy no longer inhabited her own body, and had been pushed out by the Shadow. Further research on the procedure, made some time afterward, speculated that the reason that the Male subjects disintegrated whereas Female subjects did not, was because the Shadows they had used on both accounts had been Female in form. If a Male-formed Shadow had been used instead, the results might have differed.

Kyle however remained in control, so the Shadow instead destroyed the machine body that they inhabited, and replaced most of its parts with its own body, copying the original form. The AI could no longer make the body move, so the procedure was ultimately deemed unsuccessful. However, Kyle, now 'Slayer Mk1', still 'lived'. Kyle was holding on to the hope that Kathy was still alive, as he had a present to give to her for her birthday - a red hair ribbon that he had clutched in his hands the entire time. Picking it up from his old body, he was led into an arena where the Scientists would use this opportunity to battle-test Kathy, now named 'Lilith'. Kyle tried in vain to give Kathy the red ribbon as a present, but Lilith ignored him, and kept trying to harm him, only the AI system inside Kyle's new body keeping him alive, compelling him to react in time to stop or avoid her. Once he realised that Kathy was dead, Kyle lost all sense of self and the Shadow took over. The Scientists could only watch in horror as the failed Slayer Mk1 tore their prized Lilith apart, piece by piece, splattering her all over the walls, and finally, eating her.

They confined Slayer to his old cell whilst they figured out what to do with him. In a brief moment, Kyle awoke again and looked in the mirror for the first time since his procedure. All he saw staring back at him was the Shadow's Mask. He peeled it off, and saw what was left of his face underneath, and it all came flooding back to him. Bellowing with rage, Kyle burst out of his cell and went on a rampage to the lower levels, where the clones were kept, killing all but one of the Scientists involved in the procedure, and severely injuring the survivor, which turned out to be the director of the whole program. Several platoons of the SSA's Military personnel were carved through like butter, leaving entire hallways filled with blood and corpses. In a desperate last bid, the Science Branch unleashed Ragdoll to stop Slayer. When they met in the last hallway, there was a moment of recognition in eachother's eyes, before Slayer's rage ultimately pushed him onward, and he tore off Ragdoll's arm, leaving him bleeding to death on the floor.

Slayer then broke into the storage facility at the lowest levels, where all the clones were kept. Hundreds of copies of Kyle and Kathy were lined up in rows of tall, bulky tanks, filled with as much wire and pipe as there was Human, each at various stages of maturation, ready to go through procedures of their own. Slayer destroyed them all, breaking their tanks and killing each of them before they even had a chance to be alive, not that they would have had much of a life anyway. However, Slayer spared the third Kathy, the one that most resembled the one he knew. He took her tank out from it's place and carried it all the way back to his cell, where he placed it into a corner, ripped open the wall and connected the power lines to it, and then sat there, in silent vigil over the copy of his dead lover.

It took a long time for the SSA to get back on their feet, and even longer to convince Slayer to help them kill Shadows - the purpose he was created for. Once he agreed though, he became their strongest asset. But nobody who survived the massacre ever speaks of it openly.
Halloween 1st Night Special: Lizzie and Marinette by ChazFullmetal
Halloween 1st Night Special: Lizzie and Marinette
First of five Halloween specials I will be doing~ ;3

Lizzie Bootes is an Ascendant in the Millennium Universe. She is 15 years old, and has a unique fashion sense. Her Covenant is with IDB No.66 - Marinette; Voodoo Loa known for viciousness and cruelty. Marinette is actually female, but in the Millennium Universe, she is able to change her physical form, though she only has limited material to do so. In this depiction, she is prioritising strength, so feminine attributes are eschewed for musculature.

Lizzie is a wild, cheeky, sarcastic teenage girl with a habit of being cruel, hence her Covenant with Marinette, or perhaps because of it. Marinette typically manifests within Lizzie's hat, and it bears Marinette's image. Despite the fact that Marinette is an evil Loa however, Lizzie is not unkind. She might be sadistic and bossy, but she does watch out for friends. She is one of the few in the Ascendant's council who opposed the decision to purge the Purestrains, and in the battle against Jason and his group, she fights Jason as his first enemy. Her chain links are small, but sturdy, forming a smooth chainmail that almost seems like fabric. She fights using kickboxing skills, manipulating the chainmail with limited projection capabilities, aided by Marinette.

Marinette rose to Godhood by epitomising cruelty, having an insatiable thirst to inflict pain in all possible ways, that it eventually consumed her entire Universe and turned her into a Godlike Being. Like the majority of the Gods, she too feels embittered by false promises, and plots to overthrow The Creator.

Lizzie often refers to Marinette as 'Mary'.

It's been over a MONTH

PAST ME!!! >O>

Wut? <~<


I'unno bro, was chillin' <x<


Yah <u<


Well anyway, not much has happened. Again. I often preface these journals with that sentence, and then proceed to write a wall of text. I also often reflect on my tendency for hypocrisy.

Well for starters, my most recent concern. Second wisdom tooth is making it's presence known, about a month into Uni. I don't have any weeks off, so I have to wait until Christmas, to get back home and book an appointment with my dentist. I don't expect that it will cause too much trouble, but if it does then I can call it an emergency and warrant skipping a lecture to go home to have it sorted out, maybe. Depends how it goes. My current schedule is too spread out to allow going home even overnight. It's nuts. Plus, from what I can see inside my MONSTROUS MAW AHAHAHAAA!!! It's at an... odd angle? I dunno, the impression it's making on my gum looks like it's angled inwards. Which means that when it eventually does make an appearance, it will not only look weird, but I will constantly feel it with my tongue. Basically, I'm hoping it stays put, or at least on the down-low, until Christmas time, when I can get a dental appointment sorted. At the moment, I'm kinda F*CKED if it becomes a problem... maybe the local student practice also covers dental treatment? I'll have to ask. I doubt it though. The annoying thing is, there is literally a dentist RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET FROM ME. But if I go there and they charge me for anything, there's no way in hell that I could pay it. Probably. I'd at least have to sign some documents that exempt me from paying since I'm a student, but... PAPERWOOORRRRK ;0; And I might still have to pay something. What I mean is, I'd rather not do it by myself. Call me a crybaby, but I can't be doing with no debt, dental bureaucracy crap without my parents to fall back on. Legal stuff, you know?

Anime Society at my University's holding meets again for this year. Majority of the committee are new members, since the old ones either had to give up their positions for their next year of their respective courses, or just didn't make it back in through voting. The secretary is still the same guy though. He has an awesome name too~ Anywho, the running series' that they're showing are Nichijou and Psycho Pass, both animes that I've never seen before. Having lots of fun already ;3 One problem - the new President is a girl I lived with in the flat I was in during the first year. This girl and I have some... let's say, history. The sort of history that elicited a lot of heartache for some time upon seeing her again. So I took it upon my self to resolve these issues between us properly, and I did. Yay for maturity~ However, I have noticed a few things. During the breaks they take in the middle of their sessions, where they show Youtube videos whilst people get something to eat, she seems to harbour a lot of distrust towards me, and anything I ask to be shown, only showing clips that she herself has seen, or that have been recommended by people she likes. I haven't called her out on this yet, because I haven't tried everything, but it looks that way to me. Compared to the previous President, she's a lot more... let's say, authoritative. Quick to give people a stern talking-to for minor faults, and arbitrarily exercising her power as President even over senior members of the Committee. At least, it looks that way to me. For example, at the last meet, the Secretary and I went on ahead to set up in the room that had been scheduled for the meet, but there was still a Film Studies lecture going on in there. We had to wait, but sine he was a Film Studies student, he eavesdropped on what was happening inside, since he was interested in what was being said. Eventually the other members, President included, showed up. She asked him what we were waiting for, and when we explained, she gave the Secretary a frown and demanded to know why he didn't contact her to say so earlier, so that they didn't have to walk all the way there and block the hallway.

A bit of context - the hallway they were blocking is easily over two meters wide, and there were about 20 people attending the meet, and they had already moved to the side to allow passage, leaving well over a metre's width of space to walk through. The Film Studies students numbered around 10, so even with all of us combined, it was hardly a large crowd. You could hardly say that we were blocking anyone. In addition, it took less than 30 seconds to walk, even at a leisurely pace, from the Society's gathering point to the scheduled room. Hardly a distance to be annoyed at having to make, no matter what the circumstance.

Nevertheless, the President seemed... displeased. She took the Secretary to one side and gave him a talking-to. I wasn't a committee member, so it would have been... rude of me to come to the Secretary's defense. At least, I figured that's what the President would say if I tried - that it was none of my concern. Frankly, I wasn't about to get into an argument with her, since nobody would win that argument, and everyone would find it awkward, and both of us would be bitter afterward. So I had to just quietly apologise for not helping to poor guy and let it go. If I was a committee member, I might have had sufficient clout to help diffuse the situation, but I knew she'd just turn on me since I wasn't on the committee, saying something like 'it's not your business". It kinda is, since I'm still a member of the society. I paid the fee to join it, and I attend regularly, I even voted at the AGM for you AND the Secretary that you are currently reaming for, let's face it, a tiny lapse of judgement. I'd like to think that I have at least SOME say in this matter, since I was with him the whole time, and to be honest, your attitude right now is discouraging me from speaking up, which I find troubling.... is totally what I should have said. But come on, it's hardly diplomatic to be starting something like that seconds before the meet starts now is it?

Don't get me wrong, she's a lovely woman. One of the nicest I've ever met. But she's an activist if I ever met one, and she takes that part of her completely seriously. There's no clashes of opinions or beliefs, there's her way or the highway, and I get the feeling that her friends either already conformed to this idea, or were bullied into it. Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but... when we weren't "together", we fought a lot over little things. One time she exploded at me for casually insulting her, which where I'm from, is common register. You can walk down the street and get sworn at by a passing car with someone you vaguely recognise in it, and it's seen as FUNNY. Acceptable. Crass, perhaps, but acceptable. I hung out with van drivers who were perverted as all hell, every single one. People in the classroom would call eachother names and bellow and shout, and it would all be okay because they were all friends. None of them actually meant any of what they said, and they all knew it. I was used to talking to these people, but in this one instance, I slipped up and talked to her like I would one of my friends back home, and she immediately spun around and screamed at me for it. Didn't let me explain or anything, just shouted at me. She's from the southern part of the country, where that stuff just doesn't happen. But she didn't make an allowance for the fact that I'm northern, she just exploded. I related this incident to my sister, and she didn't see a problem with anything I said. Which was exactly my point - people where I come from do that stuff all the time. It's how we do things. But with this new President girl, the moment these two cultures clashed, SHE had to be the one in the right. The one that everyone had to conform to. Where I come from, if you expect other people to always be nice and respectful and never say anything bad about you or call you names, then you're considered to be stuck up, especially since it's very rare for anyone to say any of those things maliciously, it's always inflected as a joke.

Anyway, things are currently rather lax as far as my Uni lectures are concerned. One of my homeworks was literally "go watch the Fellowship of the Ring". I'd already seen it, so I had no homework. Neat huh? However, it all promises to heat up pretty fast, pretty soon. Add in that wisdom tooth thing I mentioned, and I got some problems, which is why I'm hoping it calms down and doesn't do anything until mid-late December, when I can expect to go back home, and then make an appointment. Right now, I'm worrying over it. Never a good idea, but seriously, you don't f*ck around with your teeth, especially if I'm stuck with this dumb f*ck of a tooth jabbing my tongue for two months, or if it starts muscling my other teeth and causing issues. That will suck. Major. Balls.

But hey, it's not all bad. Lots of new anime to watch~ The new Season of Sword Art Online turns out to be NOT THAT BAD. Unnecessary fanservice, granted, but it's not horrible, and the element of imminent death has been brought back, which is good. It's at least sort of watchable. And it still looks good, I guess, but there's yet to be any majorly awesome fight scenes like from the first season. But then, it's been mostly guns so far.

Also, Parasyte: The Maxim and Terraformars. Both got off to a GREAT start, and promise a LOT more. I particularly like Parasyte, but Terraformars has got some creepy gory sh*t dude. Crunchyroll censored that stuff right out, but I found other sites that don't. It's not pulling any punches whatsoever. Parasyte is creepy on a completely different level, and has that 80's-90's style of Anime quality, since, y'know, the manga comes from the late 80's-early 90's. Add in modern animation and a minor art style update, and you got MAGIC~

And lately, what with the Anime Society starting back up, I'm thinking about one series in particular that I wanted to badly to be shown as a regular series, but not enough people knew about it to recommend it. Heroman - the Anime written by Stan Lee and made by Studio Bones. And it is F*CKING. AWESOME. It reeks of Stan Lee at times, especially in the first episode, so if some of the cheesier, nonsensical Stan Lee sensibilities really annoy you, then you'll have some problems, but it's still really enjoyable and is one of my all-time favourites. I plan on making a large donation to have the Committee members watch it this year if they do a 24-hour livestream like last year.


It's also 2:35 in the morning, and I should be tired. But I'm not. I probably am, actually, I'm just ignoring it. Yeah, probably that...

See you next time I write one of these I guess~! xD
  • Listening to: Nichijou - Opening 1
  • Reading: Zombie Roomie
  • Watching: Parasyte : The Maxim
  • Playing: Dawn of War - Dark Crusade
  • Eating: Bagels
  • Drinking: Cola


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Hello, my name is Chaz (or Charlie, but no one seems to call me that on here).

I'm taken with :iconhipstir: ~<3

I used to think having a whole lot of messages was annoying, but now i've grown to like it :iconiloveitplz:

I'm a lazy little man-thing. i do a bit of writing and a bit of drawing, i have a ton of ideas and i love Deviantart so much these days ^U^

I live in England, but sometimes i put on a terrible Americanised accent sometimes because I dont get out enough to hear normal British people speaking, and i watch a lot of TV.

I'm at University now. It's leagues harder than Sixth Form ever was, but it feels more like I'm being challenged than anything else. Almost as though I've been at Uni level the whole time and I'm only just now being challenged to do anything. And I like it :3

I take requests, art trades and such, for artwork, RP's or writing. Whatever you like :3 Unfortunately, I can't guarantee I can get things done regularly or within certain timeframes, but the vast majority of the time I will be able to indulge people :3 And I'm happy to do so.

I love anime and manga, though I also appreciate all forms of art and writing. I'll give a watch and favourites to anyone i like. People on DA put their work out there and it's all worth acknowledging. It's the least I can do of course, after all i'm in much the same boat ^U^. I first got into anime when i was about 15 or so, when my older cousin introduced me to it. This was the first anime I watched - Fullmetal Alchemist (original series) and i went on to watch a LOT more of it, and start collecting Manga as well.

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