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The newest stuff i posted. Its not perfect, but take a look!


Some stuff other people did that i think are awesome.




But, you may be disappointed to know, it didn't in this case >->'

But it has been almost a whole month since my last journal. Well, about 3 weeks, actually, but it's close enough.

At this point I might as well stop apologising and pretend its on purpose, because I don't seem to be able to change it >_<


Pretty much the biggest thing I've done since my last journal is not very big. I got a Facebook page. I'd vehemently rejected Facebook for a long time, but when my Creative Writing classmates asked my if I wanted to join them in the endeavour to edit and submit entries to a new sci-fi magazine they intended to make, called Reidolia, I finally caved. I really did want to help, but I was the only one not reachable via Facebook. Combine that with all the information I'd missed as a result of not having this connection to them, and I was already making the account. I've been making the most of it since then.

No links, find me on your own. It's not hard, A drawing of myself is the icon photo. Incase there are people who I haven't told, my name is actually Charles Heywood. It was never a secret >3> Sometimes drawings will appear on there as well, but only if they are doodles that I've made for people and THEY'VE posted and tagged me in, or if they're doodles that I'VE posted for a special occasion, such as the 5 Halloween Drawings. It's unlikely that I'll be posting any real information, just sharing stuff I like and such.


Been watching a lot of Anime since I got to Uni. Mostly in an effort to stave off the crippling boredom that often plagues me. The list so far is:

Captain Earth
Hajime no Ippo - The Fighting
Psycho Pass (Unfinished)
Nichijou (Unfinished)
Log Horizon (ongoing)
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
Fate/Stay Night - Unlimited Blade Works (ongoing)
Parasyte - The Maxim (ongoing)
Terraformars (ongoing)
Aldnoah Zero
Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun
The Ambition of Oda Nobuna
Sword Art Online (ongoing)(begrudgingly)

I've been considering others, but I do actually have to work sometimes ;3; As much as I'd like to, I can't watch anime all the time. I might be missing some, but I don't keep a record. I should though... I met someone who did - he showed me a Excel document containing every anime he'd watched and a score he'd given it. That reminds me, I wanted to watch Bartender...

Not a whole lot else has happened beyond work. I've spent a lot of time writing for my modules, none of which I think is worth talking about on here :/ If I write anything I want to submit on this website, I will, but I'm wary of any possible ramifications that may arise. Easily sorted, but avoidable.

Sorry for the short journal this time~ No rants, haven't found anything worth ranting about yet.

See you guys next time, whenever it may be xD
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United Kingdom
Hello, my name is Chaz (or Charlie, but no one seems to call me that on here).

I'm taken with :iconhipstir: ~<3

I used to think having a whole lot of messages was annoying, but now i've grown to like it :iconiloveitplz:

I'm a lazy little man-thing. i do a bit of writing and a bit of drawing, i have a ton of ideas and i love Deviantart so much these days ^U^

I live in England, but sometimes i put on a terrible Americanised accent sometimes because I dont get out enough to hear normal British people speaking, and i watch a lot of TV.

I'm at University now. It's leagues harder than Sixth Form ever was, but it feels more like I'm being challenged than anything else. Almost as though I've been at Uni level the whole time and I'm only just now being challenged to do anything. And I like it :3

I take requests, art trades and such, for artwork, RP's or writing. Whatever you like :3 Unfortunately, I can't guarantee I can get things done regularly or within certain timeframes, but the vast majority of the time I will be able to indulge people :3 And I'm happy to do so.

I love anime and manga, though I also appreciate all forms of art and writing. I'll give a watch and favourites to anyone i like. People on DA put their work out there and it's all worth acknowledging. It's the least I can do of course, after all i'm in much the same boat ^U^. I first got into anime when i was about 15 or so, when my older cousin introduced me to it. This was the first anime I watched - Fullmetal Alchemist (original series) and i went on to watch a LOT more of it, and start collecting Manga as well.

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