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The newest stuff i posted. Its not perfect, but take a look!


Some stuff other people did that i think are awesome.



Not long enough to be a journal, so this update thing is apparently going to come in handy for once~ :3

I've been too busy with Uni work to draw anything meaningful. Of course I've been drawing, and I always will be, but I've been preoccupied lately. I finally got all my work for the past few weeks done and have a few more things to come, but in this brief lull I'm taking this chance to update my friends on here.

I'll post the silly sketches I've been doing for a while pretty soon, but the real reason nothing's been posted for a while is because what I have drawn is NSFW, and I do not want overly sexual content on my profile. FYI, I will take just about any request, and I may eventually take up commissions as well, but if it's too NSFW for my profile I will send you the file and you can upload it yourself to your own profile, as long as you credit me >3> (only fair y'know?)

Sorry for everyone I talk to on here for being inactive lately. I won't make any more hollow promises, but I'll start posting more regularly when things simmer down a bit. Oh, and DA has been giving me trouble with excessive loading and occasional crashes. Pretty sure it's my computer though.

Sorry again, and I hope to get back into the old routine fairly soon :D
Birthday Doodles 2 by ChazFullmetal
Birthday Doodles 2
No names, no hints, just sketches. Can't be using them for no Death Notes~

More people I've been sketching for their birthdays. It's a cheap gift that I enjoy making xD And not just because I'm broke-ass poor ;U;
'Punzel Practice sketches by ChazFullmetal
'Punzel Practice sketches
Got a request IRL, involved a Rapunzel from Disney's 'Tangled' with short hair. Turned out by short, they meant elbow length. Short for Rapunzel. Either way I'd never drawn Rapunzel so I had to quickly practice before committing to the real thing. Quickly done practice sketches.

Rapunzel the character belongs to Disney... obviously :3
Which is a posh way to say Silent Hill maybe?

The point is I've been pretty much silent since New Years. Absolutely no reason for it other than I'm a lazy little shit and I've been playing Minecraft the whole time. Sorry about that ;-;

I'll be going through my messages and responding to all of them after I post this journal saying I'm totally gonna go do that.

In terms of what I've done whilst I was away from DA...

I bought Bryan Lee O'Malley's 'Seconds'. Read it in about an hour. Thought it was awesome~

I now have the Derby Anime Society hoodie for this year. It's very snug >3< and also blue. It says 'Chazfullmetal' on the front :3 So if anyone's in Derby UK or goes to Derby Uni, look out for me :U I guess?

Minecraft project is going well .3.

That's pretty much it.

*chews cheap toffee*

These are very insubstantial. Much like the content of the past month ;-;

See you next time! :U

PS: Anyone like jazz?…
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Artist | Student | Varied
United Kingdom
Hello, my name is Chaz (or Charlie, but no one seems to call me that on here).

I'm taken with :iconhipstir: ~<3

I used to think having a whole lot of messages was annoying, but now i've grown to like it :iconiloveitplz:

I'm a lazy little man-thing. i do a bit of writing and a bit of drawing, i have a ton of ideas and i love Deviantart so much these days ^U^

I live in England, but sometimes i put on a terrible Americanised accent sometimes because I dont get out enough to hear normal British people speaking, and i watch a lot of TV.

I'm at University now. It's leagues harder than Sixth Form ever was, but it feels more like I'm being challenged than anything else. Almost as though I've been at Uni level the whole time and I'm only just now being challenged to do anything. And I like it :3

I take requests, art trades and such, for artwork, RP's or writing. Whatever you like :3 Unfortunately, I can't guarantee I can get things done regularly or within certain timeframes, but the vast majority of the time I will be able to indulge people :3 And I'm happy to do so.

I love anime and manga, though I also appreciate all forms of art and writing. I'll give a watch and favourites to anyone i like. People on DA put their work out there and it's all worth acknowledging. It's the least I can do of course, after all i'm in much the same boat ^U^. I first got into anime when i was about 15 or so, when my older cousin introduced me to it. This was the first anime I watched - Fullmetal Alchemist (original series) and i went on to watch a LOT more of it, and start collecting Manga as well.

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