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That is literally what I am right now. I am utterly shattered from today, so much so that it hurts to stand still and when I do it's at an angle. However, I bought 24 cans of Cola for just £5.00 because they were on offer, and now that's pretty much what I'm running on @_@'

It's been exactly one month since the last journal. It's about damn time I made another. The problem is, that I'm still working at Emmaus. And that's it. But I suppose I could go into more detail to squeeze out some meat for this story.

The local branch of the Emmaus charity was certainly full of characters. First of all, there's the van-driver. He's a blatant perv, a conspiracy theorist and an overall fantastic guy, believe it or not. Thing is, each time I get called out to help him on the van, I get the slight suspicion that he'll be rubber-necking out of the window whilst driving and we'll die in a ball of flames and twisted metal...

Then there's the regular cashier. She has this weird quirk. If you talk to her about anything at all, she'll wait for a pause or interrupt you with something completely different. Obviously you stop and just kinda look at her wondering "what the hell? Where did that come from?" and she'll just nod at you, with a big smile on her face. You wouldn't ever believe she's in her 40's.

Honestly though, it's the first instance of actual hard work I've had to do in a long time. It leaves me exhausted at the end of the day but it's good experience at least. I currently work in the stockroom, maintaining it, and as an on-hand handyman and helper. Though, I have to sort all the donations that come through, which is mostly old clothes. And the only method of transporting stock to the shop from the stockroom (which are in two different places) is a battered old Lidl's trolley.

So picture this for a moment - there's me, pushing a rattling trolley laden with old clothes and worn shoes, with my long, messy hair and beard, and a jacket that smells of old clothes, trundling along the back streets to get to the shop, which is a homeless charity.

Do you see what I am driving at here?

Anyway, in other news I brought another anime fan into the fold. I took a Naruto game over to her house and I showed her the campaign. Suffice to say she got really into it. Literally the next day she's watching Hellsing Ultimate, getting all fangirly over Alucard and drawing her own animoo's. I don't know whether to feel proud or creeped out... xD

I go back to Uni in about a month or so. When I do, I'll be quite a bit more active on DA. In the meantime, I'm considering the notion of double-checking that all is in order, so I don't get any nasty surprises when I return to Derby. Last thing I need is stupid problems that could have been solved months in advance, but that I was too dumb to check on. That will not look good on me...

And now for the rant. You all knew it was coming. I always have something I want to gripe about to nobody in particular.

It's thankfully a rare occurrence, but sometimes you meet people that you instantly just don't like. It might be that they genuinely are assholes, or nasty people, and it's obvious in the way they look, speak and their attitude towards you. But sometimes you can get people that seem outwardly nice and friendly, but that just... rub you the wrong way. You just don't like them, and there's no real reason for it. They're just wrong. I suppose it's because their friendly demeanour feels so... fake. Plastic, even. You can kinda tell that they're hiding something from you, or that they know more than they're letting on, etc etc. One such person I know is my aunt. She's not exactly well, both physically and mentally speaking, and if you spoke to her you'd never get the impression that she's actually five or six steps ahead of you, lightning fast and deadly violent when she's off her rocker. Burly policemen, trained professional doctors and nurses, even secure psychiatric facilities have all failed to restrain her for long. She always overpowers, outmanoeuvres and out-smarts them. One time, she realised that her room was above the main office, so she clogged the sink in her room and turned on the taps, and waited until the water broke through the ceiling above the office and shorted out the electrics, and she just walked out of the door of one of the most secure facilities in the city. The only person who can control her is my father, her brother. Their parents used to be able to do it as well, before they passed away, and now it's just him.

But then my aunt is a more obvious example. There's another person I know who's very plastic indeed. Almost scarily so in fact. She never says a bad thing to or about anyone, but nobody likes her. She grinds their gears without even trying. It's what she does that shows her true colours. She muscled out the other management in the place where she works so that she could take control and twist things her way, just because she'd been told they needed to boost profits. But from what we've all seen, this person doesn't know the first thing about charity shop retail. She tried to sell a (suspiciously stained) dirty leather suite for £800, and couldn't understand why we only got £200 from it. Granted, it was indeed nice, but nobody would ever dream of paying that kind of money for a second-hand sofa in a charity shop. Perhaps when it was new maybe, but this thing was USED. They were lucky to get £200 for it. On top of that, she placed all the stuff in the shop window for display and doesn't allow it to be sold. People have walked in to buy stuff from the window, only to be turned away. That sort of thing only works if the shop has copies of whatever's in the window, and they don't. They only have single items. It's utter bullshit and nobody dares say a thing about it, because she's the boss. There's no arguing with her. Just grit your teeth to dust and tell her it looks fantastic, and maybe she will fuck off.

Anyway, it's really goddamn hot outside her, at least for an Englishman it is, and I'm running out of caffeine. I'll see you all next time~ ^U^
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United Kingdom
Hello, my name is Chaz (or Charlie, but no one seems to call me that on here).

I used to think having a whole lot of messages was annoying, but now i've grown to like it :iconiloveitplz:

I'm an 18 years old, lazy little man-thing. i do a bit of writing and a bit of drawing, i have a ton of ideas and i love Deviantart so much these days ^U^

I live in England, but sometimes i put on a terrible Americanised accent sometimes because I dont get out enough to hear normal British people speaking, and i watch a lot of TV.

I'm at University now. It's leagues harder than Sixth Form ever was, but it feels more like I'm being challenged than anything else. Almost as though I've been at Uni level the whole time and I'm only just now being challenged to do anything. And I like it :3

I take requests, art trades and such, for artwork, RP's or writing. Whatever you like :3 Unfortunately, I can't guarantee I can get things done regularly or within certain timeframes, but the vast majority of the time I will be able to indulge people :3 And I'm happy to do so.

I love anime and manga, though I also appreciate all forms of art and writing. I'll give a watch and favourites to anyone i like. People on DA put their work out there and it's all worth acknowledging. It's the least I can do of course, after all i'm in much the same boat ^U^. I first got into anime when i was about 15 or so, when my older cousin introduced me to it. This was the first anime I watched - Fullmetal Alchemist (original series) and i went on to watch a LOT more of it, and start collecting Manga as well.

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