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..and he turned to me and said;

"Dayum, I thought AY wuz late, but YOU TAKES THE CAKE BRUH."

Yep. I am super... duper late for this journal.

And I can't write this stuff whilst listening to Hellsing Abridged so I'm just gonna pause it real quick...

There we go~

It occurs to me, delightful reader, that the very notion of you reading my journal is exceedingly laughable to me. Why, I hardly have the faintest hope that people read this thing anymore, not that there was ever any inclination to do so on your part, at least not as far as I could comprehend. However, in the same thought, it simultaneously occurs to me that I never truly wrote these gushes of inane chatter about my utterly pointless day-to-day life because I expected someone to take an interest, nor did I ever delude myself for a moment that my inordinately lengthy rants and raves about all manners of issues and topics that I have even a rudimentary knowledge of, was ever likely to draw in a mass of readers.

No, delicious reader, I do not write this for you. That would require an incredibly distasteful ego on my part, and a slight streak of selfishness on yours, no offense intended of course. No... I write this for me.

Being what some call a "quiet person", I do not like to talk about my day, feelings, thoughts and such, unless I have a perfectly good reason to believe that the unlucky individual I am conversing with actually wants to hear about any of it. This is partly because I am English, and it is an unwritten social rule among my people to not speak of such things lightly, instead retaining a perpetual state of modesty, sarcasm and dry irony, and never daring to tell the truth when someone asks "how are you?" (the only appropriate response being "I am fine, thank you"). It is also partly because I am naturally quiet. I do, eventually, open up considerably to people when I grow comfortable around them, but what I like to think of as my 'normal manner' is one of silent vigil, preferring to observe rather than participate, say nothing and go about my business. Instances where I talk at length to anyone are rare, and only with people I trust. Other cases where I become more open and "friendly", usually come attached with a metaphorical appending footnote stating something along the lines of "because they expect me to act like this at the moment".

Without going into too much detail, the point is I don't talk at length about myself on here because I am under the impression that people want to know. Rather, I do it because it is an exceedingly simple method to exercise the 'writing muscle'. I have many ways of doing it of course, just as one might maintain a number of failsafes for an emergency, or have multiple backups of a file. But I find this to be the most therapeutic, solely because I just need to start writing it... and then I keep going. I could go on forever, but my fingers would be worn to stubs, my keyboard utterly unsalvageable, and any readers who foolishly followed it all would have probably died from boredom.

And since I am no murderer, I make sure to cut my exercises short to spare your life, marvellous reader.

Bearing that in mind, I shall make the rest of this entry brief. After working tirelessly at the local branch of a homeless charity named Emmaus for most of the summer, I left to return to University for my second year. The branch's shop manageress left at the same time due to grievances with the business manageress, resulting in an embarrassingly awkward ceremony for the pair of us leaving. After that was done with, I took a week off between me leaving and the time around which I was expected to have returned to Derby for my second year at Uni, to prepare for the coming year. However, a mighty hurdle presented itself almost immediately. I had no inkling of how to acquire all the necessary information regarding the details of my return, enrolment, timetable, and various other dates relating to me imminent arrival. One would assume that an email containing simple instructions and a list of dates would be easy enough, but it would appear that the University of Derby spent all of the summer re-jigging the website. Granted it looks nice, but it's still as useless as ever without any idea of where to find the proper information that's relevant to me.

Quality over quantity people...

Instead I have been relying on a friend of mine who maintains contact with a network of other students on the same course via Facebook - a social network that I have stubbornly resisted thus far, as one might resist the plague, or a drunken assailant. Even so, the necessity of having an account on it is becoming ever more blatant as time passes... though it begs the question - why should I have to rely on an independent network of students for date and time information, when it should be easily available on the University's official website? Perplexing yes?

But I digress... As of writing this I am currently in my room at Halls in Derby. I have about a week of beauracratic faffing to endure until I can settle into a relatively comfortable routine and workload for the autumn term, though I take some solace in the idea that the University is just as eager to ensure everything's spiffing with me, since I'm paying them thousands of moneys. They don't want it to be difficult just as badly as I do. Still, I'd rather it wasn't so frustrating. It's excruciatingly unnerving to be sitting on my own, miles from home, without any idea of what's going on, when or where. Whilst I stand by my decision to study at Derby Uni, I wouldn't honestly recommend it to someone unless the staff put some real effort into their communication with the students, because, and pardon my French...

It's piss poor. 

See you all next time~ Whenever that may be :iconhuehuehuehuehueplz:

P.S: If any of you haven't seen the anime movie 'Redline' yet, then go watch it now. It's available on Youtube, it's an hour and a half long, the story isn't anything special but you don't watch it for the story. You watch it because they spent 10 years animating the whole thing, every part of every frame, by hand. And it looks F*CKING AMAZING.

No spoilers~(racing pun xD you'll get it if you watch it).
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United Kingdom
Hello, my name is Chaz (or Charlie, but no one seems to call me that on here).

I'm taken with :iconhipstir: ~<3

I used to think having a whole lot of messages was annoying, but now i've grown to like it :iconiloveitplz:

I'm a lazy little man-thing. i do a bit of writing and a bit of drawing, i have a ton of ideas and i love Deviantart so much these days ^U^

I live in England, but sometimes i put on a terrible Americanised accent sometimes because I dont get out enough to hear normal British people speaking, and i watch a lot of TV.

I'm at University now. It's leagues harder than Sixth Form ever was, but it feels more like I'm being challenged than anything else. Almost as though I've been at Uni level the whole time and I'm only just now being challenged to do anything. And I like it :3

I take requests, art trades and such, for artwork, RP's or writing. Whatever you like :3 Unfortunately, I can't guarantee I can get things done regularly or within certain timeframes, but the vast majority of the time I will be able to indulge people :3 And I'm happy to do so.

I love anime and manga, though I also appreciate all forms of art and writing. I'll give a watch and favourites to anyone i like. People on DA put their work out there and it's all worth acknowledging. It's the least I can do of course, after all i'm in much the same boat ^U^. I first got into anime when i was about 15 or so, when my older cousin introduced me to it. This was the first anime I watched - Fullmetal Alchemist (original series) and i went on to watch a LOT more of it, and start collecting Manga as well.

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im about 99.9% sure messaging you on this acc. Will be easier uvu (becauseialwayshave1000+messagesonmyothermainewe)
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Whatever makes it easier for you ^U^ I'd love to be able to talk to you more :3

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